E-commerce & Virtual Terminals

Take payments with ease with e-commerce & virtual terminal solutions

Main Features

  • Online payments
  • Easy set-up
  • Multiple user login
  • In-app virtual terminal

Compare Options

Accept Apple Pay & Android Pay
Visa, MasterCard, Amex
PIN privacy
Rechargeable battery
PCI Compliance & security
UK based support
Built-in roaming SIM

Take Payments Online

Take Payments Over the Phone

Take Payments On Any Smartphone, Tablet or PC.

Experience Taking Payments with Ease with Our E-Commerce & Virtual Terminal Solutions. Take Payments Online, Over the Phone and On Any Smartphone, Tablet or PC.

We Have Three Options for You to Choose From

E-Commerce and Virtual Terminal combined – this is the dual package, managed through our gateway. They receive the information for their web developers to integrate into their online shop, plus a Virtual Terminal that can be used on their portal, through a desktop PC, laptop, tablet or phone.

Virtual Terminal only – if they only need to take payments, the Virtual Terminal is an easy option. simple to use option with an embedded logo in their analytics portal.

MID Only E-Commerce – through their own gateway – if they are happy with their current gateway and it is on acquiring bank’s approved list then we can provide the MID for them.