Make Facebook Schedule Your Business Appointments

For businesses, especially service-based ones, scheduling customers’ appointments can be a herculean task. Enterprises resort to multiple options in search of a solution from hiring professionals to employing software for online booking systems. This whole process is extremely cumbersome and non-feasible.


Now, imagine being able to book appointments with just a few clicks on your mobile through Facebook. Yes, you heard it right. The same social media platform you probably use to share your amazing pictures and vibrant travel itineraries with the world, can now also be your assistant. Here’s the how’s and the why’s of the online booking system through the Facebook business page.


Why opt for an online booking system through the Facebook business page?


  • This service is a free tool by Facebook. All you need is an Internet connection, a laptop or mobile phone, and, most importantly, a Facebook business page. You cannot avail of this service through your personal profile. But don’t worry; setting up a Facebook business page is as easy as creating a personal profile, if not more.
  • This service makes the whole method of booking appointments a lot faster and smoother for both the customer as well as the owner.
  • The Facebook business page makes you visible to potential future customers, and the hassle-free, one-touch process of booking appointments helps widen the customer base.
  • It allows us to communicate with customers and send reminders and confirmation messages for upcoming appointments using SMS and Messenger.


Managing and scheduling appointments


  • The process starts by clicking on the blue call to action button below your cover photo.
  • After a few more clicks, you will get the option to adjust the calendar settings. You can share your working hours/days with the customer through this option.
  • You can also adjust your preferences to approve appointments and select the option for a reminder in advance.
  • Next, add the services you require and click ‘Done.’


Voila! Your Facebook business page is all set for booking appointments.


Now, these were just the necessary steps on how to get started with the service, but you can do a lot more with just a few more clicks. You can amend your previous appointments, manage scheduled appointments, and also manually add new appointments. And you don’t need any external help to do that. All these features are available on your Facebook business page. How cool is that?


  • An online booking system allows you to show available appointments to customers and decide if you want customers to book appointments directly from your page, or you want them to message you first so that you can feed the data manually to your appointments tab and select the dates accordingly.


  • If you need to drop or reschedule an appointment, you can connect with the respective customer by simply clicking on the message tab present next to their name.