Make Your Restaurants Contactless By Using QR Codes For Menus

Restaurants are back in business after their closure in March. However, the experience of eating out is not going to be the same for the coming future. Temperature tests and 2-metre tables have become the new norm of restaurants, and minimizing close contact and outbreak has become pivotal to their survival. However, the tech-savvy solutions to give contactless service are a silver lining in this intense situation. One such technology is the QR code.

Introducing QR codes

QR codes were first introduced in Japan in 1994 for the automotive industry. However, its popularity and usefulness spread across nations and industries. 

QR codes are mostly like a barcode, machine-read label, that stores product information. With quick response being the expansion of QR in the term, these codes will redirect one to a website or application quickly.

How do quick response codes work?

Similar to barcodes on products, quick response codes store information and work the same way the former does. Specific squares and dots form codes that translate to readable information when scanned by a customer via their smartphones. 

When customers scan QR codes, they are redirected to the website or application with the products or service details. 

Quick response codes for no-contact menus

Making a no-contact menu with quick response codes is a straightforward process. The first step is to generate a digital version of the menu in a PDF format or host it as a website. Restaurants having an online site or application can skip this step. 

The next step is simple; you just need to use a QR code generator to create the code that redirects people to your digital menu on smartphones. All one needs to do is take a picture of it with one’s cameras.

This is a quick way for your customers to find your menu without having to search for it on a website. Several code-generating digital platforms offer free solutions for restaurants looking to implement this for a short time. 

Once you have generated the QR code, all you need to do next is print them out and place them on tables or stick them on the windows. 

How to print quick response codes?

The whole point of replacing traditional menus with quick response codes is to reduce the surfaces your customers need to touch in your restaurant. Therefore, make sure to place them in an accessible place without printing anything extra. 

Some ways to display your QR code list are:

  • Print the code as stickers and directly place them on tables, windows, and other clean surfaces.
  • Go for laminated code cards to place on individual tables to be scanned.
  • Place the QR menu on different touchpoints and windows if you are a takeaway-only restaurant. 

Final Verdict

With these ideas, you are set to get your QR menu. However, make sure your codes work and that you are not changing your menu soon before printing them. While it is easy to change the URL in a QR code generator, you will need to reprint the codes again. Therefore, it is better to have your serving staff answer any queries if there is a problem with the supply chain.