Hassle-free Payment Integration

Payment Integration with an all-new approach

Easy and Simplified Payment Integration Process

Gone are the days when integrated payments were the most significant reserves of any large business. We didn’t strike the right chord with it, and that is why we created a revolutionary product that turned the tiresome process of integrated payments into a more simplified and hassle-free process. We offer an affordable and safe integrated payment product for SMEs designed for faster payments and helping the businesses rake in more value from their company.

Our product has been successfully deployed in numerous verticals, ranging from retail, hospitality, and service to healthcare and entertainment. Using our product with your customers will help in generating more value!

Partner Program

Earn more profits through our payments

We created our Partner Programme to properly recognize a partner’s role in ensuring that our products reach the merchants. Over 500 software providers’ trust in bringing the privileges of integrated payments to their customers motivates us every day. We make sure that every one of them is rewarded effectively for their efforts.

Make your software more valuable:

  • Provide your customers free and full end-to-end encryption.
  • Enhance customer loyalty.

Recurring share of revenue.

  • New opportunities for you to get recurring revenue.
  • Focus on your software without worrying about selling.

Partner Assistance.

  • A committed team for Partnership Management.
  • Spread the word with extensive Marketing support.

Assistance across various verticals

Hospitality. Retail. And everything that comes with the rest.

Your trustworthy partner

We Deliver what we promise.


Pay2Day understands how hard you worked to win over all your customers, and that is why it becomes essential for you to assure them that your integration solutions are trustworthy and secure. We provide our partners and their customers with:

Strength in numbers

We use a cumulative size of about £10 billion and 70,000 customers in combined transactions and act as a giant merchant to negotiate lower rates and better deals.

Quick as a flash

We enable businesses to be up and running with a secure card terminal in a mere three days. Additionally, all our payment machines work exceptionally well. With all this, you can offer your merchants a super-fast and easy sign-up. After they log in, you will receive the payment. And it's done.

Prepared for anything

Want some help? Pay2Day's Technical Support Team is available for you 24/7. Our team is a friendly bunch who aims to make things easier for you. And trust us, that is what keeps things easy for your customers as well.

Sort out your compliance

By providing a semi-integrated solution, we handle all your card data for you. With us, you have no reason to worry about your software needing to address EMV and PCI requirements. As a result, you can divert your attention to building an excellent software.

Get to Know What Our Partners Have to Say

Easy boarding
Integrate in 3, 2, 1 …

We help you get faster integration with our product. With our streamlined onboarding, you can easily add integrated payments in your software by following the three steps.
  • 3.

    Get Set Go

    Receive the test devices by getting in touch for our API link.

  • 2.


    Complete the integration with the assistance of our brilliant team.

  • 1.


    Ensure that it works smoothly, sign it off, and showcase it to the world.