Hassle-free Payment Solutions

The new approach to card payments

Help your customers simplify transactions

We believe in bringing easy payment solutions to all. That is why we have products that make moving to digital and card payments easy for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Help your customers enjoy the benefits of a simplified payment system.

Pay2Day partnership programme
You refer, you earn

We want to reach more merchants and our partners have helped us with that. Therefore, we created a partnership programme that can recognize our silent helpers. Many software service providers and accountants have recommended our payment solutions to their customers and we reward each and every one of them for their efforts.

Increase the value of your service

  • Give your customers a one-stop solution
  • Retain more customers

A steady revenue source

  • Discover a new revenue channel that is steady
  • We sell and you earn the benefits

Partners you need

  • A dedicated support team for partners
  • Marketing tips and assistance for closing the sale

One programme, numerous verticals

There may be only one Pay2Day partnership programme, but our reach is not limited to any one vertical. Instead, we aim to reach merchants and partners across the spectrum of industries, from retail to medical.

Your trustworthy sidekick
Your word. Our promise.

You love your customers and we love you. Therefore, your promise of quality services to them is something we strive to deliver on. Our partners expect the best and we give them just that.

Numbers mean better deals

We use the cumulative size of our customers during combined transactions to act as one major merchant, bringing in better deals and lower rates.

Beats the Flash

Customers can be enjoying the benefits of their card terminal in as soon as three days. Besides, our machines work as soon as they are out of the box, which means less time spent on setting up and more on providing hassle-free payments.

Here’s what our partners have to say

“We chose Pay2Day because we needed a card payment solution for our retailers that is seamless and easy-to-use. With the amount of tech support they provide, it's safe to say we don't regret our choice.”

“Pay2Day’s services are top-notch. We could reach out to them for assistance at any time and got speedy solutions. It’s very reassuring to know that help is only one call away.”

Ready to help

Need help? We have a dedicated team who would do nothing more than to guide you out of a fix 24x7. This makes it easy for you, but also for your customers.

We take care of it

Don’t worry about all the card data because we are there to sort it. Your software doesn’t need any additional updates to use our products.

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