Excited to Join Our Self-Employed Sales Team?
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Say hello to your new sales partner!

You will be glad to know that Pay2Day is looking for passionate self-employed sales agents like you who will take pride in being a part of our team. You will be our growth drivers since you will represent the company and talk to businesses looking for better card payments and fair deals.

You will be the boss of your own work, and you will be entitled to the best commissions. What’s more? You will also get the chance to explore diverse roles too.

What we can offer you.

Continuous Training

Want some help getting your sales to its best potential? With us, you will receive phone and face-to-face coaching from our experienced sellers. You will have access to e-learning programs, webinars, and a suite of digital learning materials at all times.

Same-Day Invoice

We understand the happiness of getting paid on time, and that is why we will always send your invoice on the same day of the sale. Reputed for providing the highest commissions in the industry, we will make sure that your payment reaches you at the right time.

Excellent Training Academy

We provide the best in-house training, which will help you learn the fundamentals of smart persuasion. Be it the tools required for finding customers, closing deals, maximizing your commission, or building your business. Our training will equip you properly. You can ask your coach and manager questions and learn more from interactions with the other salespeople.

Fixing Appointments

All you need to do is prove yourself, and we will send our team of tele-appointers as your allies at base camp. Our team will ensure that you find those businesses that will appreciate your visit. Our team will take the responsibility of fixing the appointments and putting the date and time in your calendar. You only need to turn up at the right time and turn on your persuasion powers.

World-Class Technology

Being the pioneers in our industry, we equip you with knowledge of the best and latest digital tools. We will make sure that you are fully capable of using electronic gadgets at the end of the training. We believe in paperless functioning, and that is why we ask you to manage your reports on sales and deals on these gadgets.

Make a Difference

If you want to sell a product that will make a substantial difference to small business owners, then you are in the right place. Pay2Day is always looking to sell something that helps businesses save money, hassle, and time.

Dreaming of A Bright Future in Sales?
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Sales is just the beginning of exciting opportunities!

Are you thinking of a future career at Pay2Day? Well, you can begin your sales career with us and stay here. But that’s not it! We present you with plenty of choices. You have the option of coaching, managing, or building your concession. Given below are a few examples of people like you, who made it big with us!