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We have an envious tech, and we believe you have equally envious skills. Therefore, we are always looking for bright minds who wish to join the Pay2Day team. We have what businesses need: hassle-free card payments and a fair deal. And you will be the link connecting them with us.
You will also decide your deadlines and targets, all the while earning the best commissions. If that wasn’t enough, you get the chance to explore within your career. Does that sound like you?

What we can offer you.

Our training resources

We conduct in-house training that gives you all the tools you will ever need to close a sale, build your business, find customers, and maximize returns. At the end of the training, you will have mastered the skill of persuasion via proper guidance from a manager and coach.

Diligent invoices

Making payments is our mojo and getting paid on time is your wish. We stay true to both by generating invoices on the same day of a sale. So you will get your day’s hard-earned money as you relax with a cuppa at the end of the day.

Never-ending assistance

Dealing with a tough customer? Need some sales 101 tips? Our ongoing training allows you to do just that. Drop into our office or reach us at the phone, we are available to guide you throughout your journey. Additionally, access our digital learning material and webinars to update your knowledge.

Diligent tele-appointers

Show us your diligence and we will show ours. Based on your performance, we will have our tele-appointers do their magic and set up appointments with companies that will love a visit from you. All you need to do is meet the businesses and bring out the marketer in you.

Digital management tools

We equip you with more than just marketing skills. The digital tools we give you make it easy for you to manage your deals and report with ease. With real-time updates, you can afford to be paperless and worry-less.

Help small businesses

Here’s a thought: helping small businesses grow with your marketing skills. That’s exactly what you’ll be doing with us. We have products that will save entrepreneurs money and time and you are making sure the tech reaches them. It’s an effortless and easy sell.

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Sales are never the end

At Pay2Day, sales are just the start. While you can choose to remain a seller, we have plenty of options lined up for you. You can become a coach or build a team of consultants to manage. All of this as you choose your work times and workload.