The New Age Of Shopping – What To Expect?

The comprehensive COVID catastrophe has marked a massive dent in the lives of people all around the globe. The struggling world set to reopen has now come up with ways to adapt and live along with the malicious virus, taking precautions to avoid being a victim of it. The world has come to a standstill. In a society where shopping is considered a hobby and even a stress-relieving activity, the necessity to reopen non-essential retailers in the UK has now come to be made possible. The obligation to restore the economy that has diminished by 20% due to the lockdown has also been a factor that led to the reopening order.

People have improvised, adapted, and overcome the problem they had with shopping, by welcoming the eCommerce websites as their go-to place for shopping during the lockdown. Shopping online has thus become the dominant form for people to get their essential goods. Shopping has now evolved to be a leisure time activity, and some people cannot abstain from it. With the decision to reopen the non-essential retail stores in the UK, both the shoppers and the store staff are obliged to obey specific new regulations to bypass a possible virus spread.

Major protocols to be followed during the post-lockdown offline shopping.

  • Implementation of methods to enforce social distancing.
  • Limiting the number of customers to meet the rules.
  • Prefer credit card machines to cash for payment.
  • Placement of blockades for a contactless shopping experience.

These protocols are sure to be quite inconvenient and even disturbing to some people at times. But both customers and staff have to realize the necessity of these implementations that are being enforced for the better.

New approaches to the Customer Service design

The store staff must perform the major part to be played to stop another virus spread. The staff’s approach to the customers may be altered so that the customers feel helped rather than feel suffocated under these new rules. Having a warm and welcoming gesture and a pleasant greeting will be an excellent way to start. Since the staff’s and the shopper’s face would be covered due to the safety masks, other gestures should be encouraged. A friendly and comforting conversation to make the customers aware of the safety regulations would have to be implemented. The staff should also ensure that minimum contact is being maintained throughout the shopping experience. Make the customers aware of the benefits of paying via the credit card machines as contact can be minimized. The staff ought to be having an attire that could stand out from the rest and be easily visible to the shoppers so that they can be quickly called in for any assistance. Providing a vibrant and unique uniform to the staff will thus be useful.

Final Word

Some people are not that fond of shopping online. They need to have a first-hand experience of coming to a shop and purchasing the items by themselves. When your customers come to your store during the reopening of non-essential retailers in the UK, be sure to follow all the safety regulations and promote cashless shopping through credit card machines.