Globally people are highly dependent on online shopping. Online shopping makes life easier.  Nowadays it has become very convenient as it saves time as well as money. You don’t have to walk for long distances to buy your products. There are certain disadvantages associated with online shopping. As you are willing to set up an online business you should always take those steps that bring profit to your business.

There are certain thefts that when used bring huge loss to the company. One of the most worried thefts is the chargeback. As most of the customers prefer to use cards during transactions, sometimes charges are disputed on their credit cards. These charges are called chargebacks fraud. 


There are some customers who initiate chargebacks due to

·        Defective goods if incase shipped

·        Products if not shipped

·        The software should be such that it do not accepts invalid cards

·      Customers may sometimes deny the telephonic transaction so made over the phone.

·      The accountant sometimes makes errors when he/she processes manually.

·        Merchants take the reason code and carry out many unauthorized techniques, thus, making the checkout process stuff for the users.


·      If you accept phone orders then take the customers address and CVV to avoid any unauthorised theft.

·        Have your contact number on users billing statement

·        Fraud detection tools are to be used.

·      You should provide a DBA number so that will make the customers recognise 

·        Accurate product descriptions should be noted down.

Transactions through credit or debit cards have increased the company’s sales. Credit card processing fees are highly beneficial if you are carrying out a business. Each time a consumer makes a transaction through a credit card the seller gives credit card processing fees. The card accepted and how it is accepted denotes the processing fee. It ranges from 1.7% to 3.5% per transaction. You will mark that the transaction cost fee is much as there are certain players who are very much involved in the overall cost of the transaction.

You can afford some pricing models to keep a record of the transaction rates. Ask the customers for bank account information.

It can also be avoided by:

·        Have a good conversation with credit card processors

·        Minimise risk of credit card theft

·        Try utilising AVS

     The card when accepted in person minimises the risk because when it is accepted online the authenticity of the card cant be checked. By using a certain formula you can calculate credit card processing fees. Passing on the credit card fees to the customer is very simple. You being a business owner should be aware that when a client is carrying out a transaction through a credit card a message should pop that denotes the amount of transaction taken place.

Taking right financial choices for your enterprises is the complete guide of it. In credit card processing fees there are certain guides who make the credit card payment process a little easier. This prevents you from any kind of difficulties, thus, giving you a sense of relief.

           Customers nowadays are convenient through digital payment methods. Out of this       the credit card terminal payment has become broadened globally.


·        They make the customers path more secure

·        It increases the customers traffic

·        Increases the demand of your business

It is better to take precautions beforehand and bring your company to the top position.